As I was scrolling down, I saw your picture. it’s kinda familiar, I can’t remember when did I saw that. Out of curiosity, I click to open it in a much wider view. And the memory, I mean, memories stroked my mind. I know that after we broke our relationship, my connection to you also had broken. Now, we are just friends in some social sites we have in common. We don’t even greet each other when our paths intersects. Tears run down my face as i noticed that the cropped photo you posted is the picture we took together the day we first became lovers. You said that was the most important and memorable moment you ever had. You even said, in that particular day starts the most perfect relationship… and that day, you swear that you will never ever let anyone destroy it. But what happened to us isn’t perfect. We broke up because of some prettier girl you met while I’m away. You left without even saying goodbye. Without further ado. You left me alone, picking the pieces of my broken heart. Well, that’s life, maybe. When new and better circumstances enter in our life, we leave the memoirs that had passed and grab the things that are blocking on your way. I’m in your past now. Our plans for the future had vanished into thin air. I’m okay now.


I read the caption of your photo saying, “I was once very happy. But I tear the happiness down and preferred to be alone.” I didn’t get the meaning, but I just smiled.

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