MY VALENTINES (yeah, I spelled it right)


My Valentines (without an apostrophe before “s”)

When everyone’s bragging about their gifts from their boyfies,

and all of my friends in IG and Facebook are busy flooding and posting their sweet memoirs,

While all I can see are red and pink colored hearts,

and all I can hear are sweet messages and melody,

Me and my besties are busy doing random stuffs like it’s no special day.

hnhs 031 HPIM4590 HPIM4605 IMG_20141123_150627 IMG_20141123_150713 IMG_20141210_224321

Yeah, my besties are my Valentines.

We shared random stories

we shared a lot of laughter

we shared food and anything sweet

we talked about serious stuffs

we laugh about the bitterness of others for not having a valentine

we did a throwback

we shared secrets and problems

All in all: my February 14 is super duper mega raised to the power of zero PRODUCTIVE!

and take note: We didn’t spend a single penny.

I don’t need roses and teddy bears for me to be happy and feel loved. Well, except chocolates, it’s my drug. But set kidding aside, a woman should feel the love every second of the day. It doesn’t have to be celebrated on one single day of the year. It also doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive. and most important: It shouldn’t be like a public display that everybody can see and noticed how inlove your are. The most happy couple are those who keep to their selves the sweetness and weirdness they do. They didn’t have to post it on social sites so everybody could feast with it.



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