I smiled.


You said,

       you love me.


       I didnt took it seriously.

You said,

       you misses me.


       I thought you were crazy

You said

 You care for me.


        & doubt for the contrary.

Time had passed,

       a day or two

                weeks and more,

                  then months ago.

I realized,

       I fell for you.

I was going to say

       those words you said,

when you showed up,

       and took my hand.

You said,

       You love me

       You miss me

       You care for me

It’s because,

       I am your FRIEND.

       just a FRIEND.

Though my heart aches

        in every words you say.


       and wiped the tears away.


Ruined tree, Ruined love.


Restoring the spark that was lost in us is harder that regenerating a dying tree. Whilst you are wielding effort just to save it, at the end of the day, you’ll just realize that you have wasted your time. You may try to preserve what remains but then you’ll feel regrets and disappointments for it will never be whole again. You will find yourself just staring at the debris as the color turned dull and grey, as the beauty fades, as it turned into a waste. Though the root might still be intact, eventually all of it will turn into dust and even forgot its mere existence. Eventually, we’ll get over it. Eventually, we will forget about that certain love of ours ever existed. It’ll remain just a piece of memory, just like what happened to the ruined tree.


Camera 360

The melodic rhythm of a lullaby
and the lyrics of the song I sing
coincides with the keys I press
and the strums I made from the strings.

Strokes of paint in an empty space
Pigments I scattered in the hollow
I used all colors to draw the wind
And exact details are made thorough.

Phrases written from my imagination
Emotions are hidden in every word
Every metaphors I used as an expression,
Plainspoken, can hurt like a sword.


Through music, I praise thee.
Through arts, I honor thee.
In every poem, I thank thee
For I exist ’cause YOU created me.

A/N: I got a lot of positive comments about my skills from friends and family. I went to church and realized one thing: It is HE who entrusted me those “gifts”. I should thank Him in every merit I received from those who appreciates. Do the same, guys:)

Coffee, mi amor.

coffee-before-workout Cordelia-Foo_Image-for-Coffee i-LOVE-coffee-coffee-25055460-1280-800

(Looking at those pictures made me want to drink coffee, AGAIN. *insert watery mouth emoji here*)



brewed and with cream

dark and white


(well, that’s worth mentioning)

COFFEE. it’s like a drug. My drug(aside from chocolates which i mentioned in my previous blog). Some people won’t last a day without a cup or two. I, myself begin my day with a cup of coffee with cream. I feel headaches whenever I skip a cup of it. Very addictive, indeed. well here are some facts about coffee regarding on how it works on our body:


As i have said, the first thing I do every morning is to grab my cup and make a coffee. It’s my 6 am daily habit. Since coffee is like an energy booster, we don’t really need to drink it as early as 6 am. Our body normally produces cortisol, a kind of hormone that works like a coffee, it keeps us alert and awake after being asleep. Cortisol is produced at a higher level during daytime. So, if you don’t want to waste the effect of caffeine in your system, wait till your cortisol rate drops. And it’s usually 9 am.


Well, sorry i’m exaggerating. But take note, a cup of BLACK coffee only contains 2 calories(too bad i’m not fond of black coffee). And here’s a thing, coffee can actually helps you burn fat! Caffeine is a psychoactive substance and it helps us become more active doing physical activities. Also, caffeine and other substances found in our coffee helps metabolize fats from fat tissues and it increases metabolism. Now, that’s sexy!


That’s a common fact and it’s proven. We need an antioxidant to kill those free radicals we get from eating non healthy foods. Thus, it lowers the risk of getting cancer and other serious diseases.


Coffee contains riboflavin, vitamin B5, Manganese and potasium, and many more! (no need to explain further)


Coffee prevents the drinkers from having Alzheimer’s diseases which also leads to dementia(oh, i remember the “notebook” of Nicholas Sparks. Awesome story). It also helps us to do more and improve our physical performance by helping our body produce more adrenaline.

Well, those are some benefits we get by drinking coffee. If you expect me to write the Risks and Disadvantages of drinking coffee, it’s not gonna happen! HAHA. Search it on Google, I don’t want to know anyway:P

Here’s another fact about coffee:



MY VALENTINES (yeah, I spelled it right)


My Valentines (without an apostrophe before “s”)

When everyone’s bragging about their gifts from their boyfies,

and all of my friends in IG and Facebook are busy flooding and posting their sweet memoirs,

While all I can see are red and pink colored hearts,

and all I can hear are sweet messages and melody,

Me and my besties are busy doing random stuffs like it’s no special day.

hnhs 031 HPIM4590 HPIM4605 IMG_20141123_150627 IMG_20141123_150713 IMG_20141210_224321

Yeah, my besties are my Valentines.

We shared random stories

we shared a lot of laughter

we shared food and anything sweet

we talked about serious stuffs

we laugh about the bitterness of others for not having a valentine

we did a throwback

we shared secrets and problems

All in all: my February 14 is super duper mega raised to the power of zero PRODUCTIVE!

and take note: We didn’t spend a single penny.

I don’t need roses and teddy bears for me to be happy and feel loved. Well, except chocolates, it’s my drug. But set kidding aside, a woman should feel the love every second of the day. It doesn’t have to be celebrated on one single day of the year. It also doesn’t need to be extravagant and expensive. and most important: It shouldn’t be like a public display that everybody can see and noticed how inlove your are. The most happy couple are those who keep to their selves the sweetness and weirdness they do. They didn’t have to post it on social sites so everybody could feast with it.


The Date.

a date.

Everybody’s talking about February 14.

Singles are hoping for a knight-in-shinning car  to ask them for a date.

Takens are wishing for their other half to give them a romantic date plus loads of chocolates and cakes.

Hopeless romantics want to have a perfect valentine’s date.

Bitters just want to spend that day watching a horror movie or a love story with a tragic ending (sounds like me:P)

But seriously, what’s with February 14?

Guys waste their money over a bouquet of roses and anything sweets.

Girls get a selfie with the gifts and put a very long romantic caption and post it on their social sites.

They get a comment like “awww”, “how sweet”, “i’m jealous”, then felt like being put to a pedestal.

Girls will get a hard time thinking what are they gonna do with the loads of roses.

Some roses will be put on a vase, some will be used as a bookmark and most of it will end up in a garbage can.

Girls love sweets. So they’ll eat and eat those chocolate and cakes and complain that they’re getting fat because of those. The worst, they’ll become diabetic.


Why choose Feb14 to have your date when you can be together everyday?

Why need to expect for something romantic to happen on that single day when you can be romantic and sweet everyday?

Why plan an extravagant date to make your partner happy when the most happy memories are those that happen unexpectedly?

Why need to spend how many hours thinking what to wear when it’ll only be stripped off afterwards? (haha this one’s a joke)


February 14 is just a date. A couple should not be obliged to have a romantic date. Single ones should not complain for not having a date. A hopeless romantic should not try hard to get a date. Bitter ones should just, uh, well, mark the date.


Don’t be sad for not having a date this 14th day of Feb. You also didn’t had before 14th, so you’ll get over it! 😛



 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

(photos are taken a year ago after typhoon yolanda hit panay island, Philippines)

          Many people said that calamities are natural phenomenon which is a result to man’s wrong usage of the environment. The floods, landslides, supertyphoons, drought and the like, are the results of climate change. The root of the said culprit is mainly caused by humans. Climate change is a significant change in weather conditions which is caused by factors such as greenhouse gases from human activities, improper disposal of non-biodegradable materials and many more….and that’s a FACT.

          But some said it all happens because of certain reasons like God is punishing man because of our wrong doings that are against His laws. Like what happened to the city of Sodom & Gomorrah and the great flood during the time of Noah, all of the catastrophic events humans are experiencing are because of God’s punishment. Take time to take a look around us, evilness are spreading like viruses in an open field. Illegal drugs, suicides, rape, murder, corruption, atheism, greed: those words seemed to be a part of normal routine people are being exposed nowadays. What happened to Christianity? Well, we all know that word, but only as a word because many of us doesn’t know it’s meaning.


           Between the two, there is a common denominator: MAN. We surely did contribute to the adversity that we are suffering now. But what can we do to lessen the damages? how can we help the earth from deterioration? How can we preserve the nature for the next generations? What can we contribute to maintain our mother earth? How can we save our souls after we take the edge of our breath? Are you sure you’ve done enough? Are you sure you’ll attain salvation?

If you know the answer, keep it to yourself but be sure to DO SOMETHING.

You should WALK THE TALK! 

Typhoon Habagat’s fast approaching. Let’s pray for our safety.