Love runs through our vein

Love runs through our vein

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

LOVE is the reason why things exists. LOVE is everything. LOVE is everywhere, in fact it is marked on our blood.





“I thought breaking up with you is as easy as simple arithmetic. But I was wrong, its as hard as solving college calculus……without the use of calculator”

Gahs.. my art power strikes when I’m inlove or I’m in PAIN. Guess what I’m feeling right now.


Do you have kids? or does your neighbors have kids? well, borrow them.

Those cute little angels plays a very huge part in our lives. They relieve our stress. They put a smile to our faces and makes our eyes sparkles.

Like this one


But before I start this article, I just want to clarify that I don’t have a child yet. I have a little brother and some nieces and nephews that completes my day after a very stressful situation. and awww…. i just love them ❤

Here are some facts when there are little angels around us:

  • when we’re sad and empty, they can magically make us smile without effort.

   see what I mean? oh. not exactly like this one.


  • their innocent thinking also made us laugh at all times.


  • And even we’re financially broke, we tend to find ways just to buy their wants. especially when they pull off those cute puppy dog face.


i can’t find a baby with a puppy dog face. Miley’s puppy dog face is the best though.

  • when we’re so bored and got nothing to do, we play with them. Uh, actually we PLAY them



admit it. we all make them do this

  • we make fun of them until they cry. which is actually the BEST part.


awwww.. so cute!

Those cute little stress-relievers are important to our lives. although they’re too small for our world, but they do have a huge part on it, especially on OUR world. love your babies! ❤


A true christian knows how to show respect to EVERYONE, as well as their ENEMIES. It is truly a great challenge for us and somehow one of the most difficult things to do. But we can choose to obey or deny it. For we have a gift, a gift of FREEWILL. Yes, we all have a choice, but choose to do what’s right and it includes LOVING your ENEMY.

But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  – LUKE 6:27-31

Sounds impossible? it is possible! lower your pride, swallow your arrogance and start practice humility. Always choose the right thing.This will be one of the tickets to heaven’s gate.





As I was scrolling down, I saw your picture. it’s kinda familiar, I can’t remember when did I saw that. Out of curiosity, I click to open it in a much wider view. And the memory, I mean, memories stroked my mind. I know that after we broke our relationship, my connection to you also had broken. Now, we are just friends in some social sites we have in common. We don’t even greet each other when our paths intersects. Tears run down my face as i noticed that the cropped photo you posted is the picture we took together the day we first became lovers. You said that was the most important and memorable moment you ever had. You even said, in that particular day starts the most perfect relationship… and that day, you swear that you will never ever let anyone destroy it. But what happened to us isn’t perfect. We broke up because of some prettier girl you met while I’m away. You left without even saying goodbye. Without further ado. You left me alone, picking the pieces of my broken heart. Well, that’s life, maybe. When new and better circumstances enter in our life, we leave the memoirs that had passed and grab the things that are blocking on your way. I’m in your past now. Our plans for the future had vanished into thin air. I’m okay now.


I read the caption of your photo saying, “I was once very happy. But I tear the happiness down and preferred to be alone.” I didn’t get the meaning, but I just smiled.

Dr. House, M.D.


colleagues. whoa! wanna work with ’em!

Dr. House, MD

If you are a medical student, an aspiring Doctor, or just simply a person who wants to know more about health and diseases, I strongly suggest you to watch the series of Dr. House, MD. This TV sequel really does so much help in my exams and thesis. I am a registered medical technologist now and somehow Dr. Gregory House became one of my mentors. Chaching!

Directed and written by David Shore, Dr House is one of my favourite shows which has a mixture of comedy, lovestory, drama, comedy, some episodes includes horror, puzzle, comedy, action, educational and oh! I forgot to mention-comedy. Tee-hee!




Dr. House is the head of diagnostic medicine in Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He has a team who helps him in brain storming about a complex patient’s condition. Actually, it appeared that he is good enough to figure the disease affecting the patient. But I do enjoy watching his colleagues, especially when they became House’s specimen for sarcasm.  In the movie, he shows lack of sympathy to his patients because he believes that he can do his job well if he doesn’t have any attachment with patients. Rude, but he has a point.


Dr. House showing his teeny-minnie heart. he could really care-less!


One episode that really helped me a lot in my studies is the “Socratic method” which features a woman suffering from Wilson’s disease. I had a bad time memorizing the pathophysiology of this condition then my classmate gave me a tip to watch that episode so I could understand the topic very well. And viola! That tip saved my soul from burning in the fire lake of failure!

Here’s the story. The woman named Lucille was diagnosed of having schizophrenia. Later on, she developed deep-vein thrombosis. Dr. House first theory is that the patient has Vitamin K deficiency ‘cause it shows in some of her laboratory tests. But the patient expresses other symptoms apart from VKD. She has mental disorder, thrombosis, cirrhosis and the last symptom-copper colored ring around her corneas indicating that she is positive in having Wilson’s disease. I wonder if there’s a copper colored contact lenses. Uhm. Moving on, there are lots of Dr. House episodes that really hit my interests. Some medical problems include Ascaris lumbricoides adults in the brain, Echinococcus granulusos in the liver, viruses that killed many young people and various mental problems. It’s good to learn when your mentor has humor, right? Anyway, you can watch some episodes on youtube.



WHAT IF ?? oh ! that would be super duper amazing!







Burn the fats: easy ways to be physically FIT.


Obesity is one of the main problems people are dealing with. Each person wants to be physically fit but they don’t want to cut fat-rich foods in their diet. Everyone desires for the 36-24-26 vital stat, yet too lazy to exercise. Then here comes diet pills to the rescue! Yes, diet pills do help trim down those fats. But you just have to choose- slimmer body or cancer! So if you wish to be look great in wearing bikini, here are three SAFE steps that’ll help you burn the fats.

(I made a mnemonic for easy memorization: FIT!)

Fasting is good, but never on breakfast

     First and foremost, never skip breakfast! There are scientific reasons why you shouldn’t. Some people thought that they can lose weight by not eating their breakfast but they end up eating more lunch which results to gain weight.  Another thing, eating early in the morning maintains your blood glucose (which causes fat deposits if excess) through maintaining insulin. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, is the only hormone that maintains the regulation of glucose in the body. That’s why it is important in treating diabetes. Moving on, when eating breakfast, refrain from desserts and extra rice but make WATER as your appetizer. In that sense, water will fill your stomach and you’ll not be able to eat a lot. Besides, drinking water in the morning prevents certain heart disease. Lastly, add FRUITS on your diet especially during lunch. Minimize eating during lunch or don’t eat lunch at all. As an alternative, you can just eat fruits. That’ll make you sexier and healthier.

Inspire thyself

     Be inspired in all things to keep you away from stress! Stress absolutely causes obesity. Technically speaking, the comfort zone of stressful people is EATING. You already know where it’s going to end up. Scientifically speaking, stress results to the production of hormones Cortisol and Epinephrine. Both hormones act in increasing blood sugar. Furthermore, if you are inspired and happy, it’ll be not hard for you to laugh. Do you know that LAUGHING, helps you lose weight? Based on a scientific study, laughing extremely can burn fats away!

Train yourself!

    Last one, train yourself. I’m not going to recommend jogging, especially to those who are in risk of heart disease. However, I strongly suggest BRISK WALKING. It’s good to walk under the sun every morning. First you’re going to lose some weight through sweating then sun’s ultraviolet ray helps your body produce Vitamin D. That “sunshine vitamin” is needed in the absorption of calcium which is very important in maintaining healthy bones and another function of vitamin D is the prevention of high blood glucose. Apart from Brisk walking, I also advice dancing (e.g., aerobics) and basic exercises. That will also do the trick.


So people out there, always remember to be FIT and healthy! 😀




In every trials and in every anguish, always keep in mind that God is there for us to help us stand again. He is not testing our capabilities because He already knows what are our strengths and weaknesses. The only thing He wants us to exercise is our FAITH. So, be strong and make your faith stronger!


(the photo shows the aftermath of typhoon yolanda(Haiyan) in panay island)

Aimeeshim syndrome- an idiopathic pericardiac tamponade




Aimeeshim syndrome is an autosomal dis-order,

dominantly expressed by a female gender.

It’s primary symptom is cardiac output loss,

But it is idiopathic-it has no known cause.


Aimeeshim syndrome, an unexplainable condition,

it may lead to cardiovascular termination

and a sudden decrease in rate of respiration.

“such a poor prognosis”, a specialist’s conclusion.


Aimeeshim syndrome, therefore, is very deadly

considered as a black-hole in cardiology

scientists requested for further study

maybe they’ll find solutions after a century


Aimeeshim syndrome. I am suffering from it

and my only choice is to live with it

my muscles are weak, my visions are dim

my body is deteriorating, i wish its just a dream

oh! i hate these feelings,

and the culprit is AIMEESHIM(I miss him).