The Date.

a date.

Everybody’s talking about February 14.

Singles are hoping for a knight-in-shinning car  to ask them for a date.

Takens are wishing for their other half to give them a romantic date plus loads of chocolates and cakes.

Hopeless romantics want to have a perfect valentine’s date.

Bitters just want to spend that day watching a horror movie or a love story with a tragic ending (sounds like me:P)

But seriously, what’s with February 14?

Guys waste their money over a bouquet of roses and anything sweets.

Girls get a selfie with the gifts and put a very long romantic caption and post it on their social sites.

They get a comment like “awww”, “how sweet”, “i’m jealous”, then felt like being put to a pedestal.

Girls will get a hard time thinking what are they gonna do with the loads of roses.

Some roses will be put on a vase, some will be used as a bookmark and most of it will end up in a garbage can.

Girls love sweets. So they’ll eat and eat those chocolate and cakes and complain that they’re getting fat because of those. The worst, they’ll become diabetic.


Why choose Feb14 to have your date when you can be together everyday?

Why need to expect for something romantic to happen on that single day when you can be romantic and sweet everyday?

Why plan an extravagant date to make your partner happy when the most happy memories are those that happen unexpectedly?

Why need to spend how many hours thinking what to wear when it’ll only be stripped off afterwards? (haha this one’s a joke)


February 14 is just a date. A couple should not be obliged to have a romantic date. Single ones should not complain for not having a date. A hopeless romantic should not try hard to get a date. Bitter ones should just, uh, well, mark the date.


Don’t be sad for not having a date this 14th day of Feb. You also didn’t had before 14th, so you’ll get over it! 😛