man-made disaster



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(photos are taken a year ago after typhoon yolanda hit panay island, Philippines)

          Many people said that calamities are natural phenomenon which is a result to man’s wrong usage of the environment. The floods, landslides, supertyphoons, drought and the like, are the results of climate change. The root of the said culprit is mainly caused by humans. Climate change is a significant change in weather conditions which is caused by factors such as greenhouse gases from human activities, improper disposal of non-biodegradable materials and many more….and that’s a FACT.

          But some said it all happens because of certain reasons like God is punishing man because of our wrong doings that are against His laws. Like what happened to the city of Sodom & Gomorrah and the great flood during the time of Noah, all of the catastrophic events humans are experiencing are because of God’s punishment. Take time to take a look around us, evilness are spreading like viruses in an open field. Illegal drugs, suicides, rape, murder, corruption, atheism, greed: those words seemed to be a part of normal routine people are being exposed nowadays. What happened to Christianity? Well, we all know that word, but only as a word because many of us doesn’t know it’s meaning.


           Between the two, there is a common denominator: MAN. We surely did contribute to the adversity that we are suffering now. But what can we do to lessen the damages? how can we help the earth from deterioration? How can we preserve the nature for the next generations? What can we contribute to maintain our mother earth? How can we save our souls after we take the edge of our breath? Are you sure you’ve done enough? Are you sure you’ll attain salvation?

If you know the answer, keep it to yourself but be sure to DO SOMETHING.

You should WALK THE TALK! 

Typhoon Habagat’s fast approaching. Let’s pray for our safety.